EO/IR Camera System TC900PTZ

Item Code: TC900PTZ 640 x 480 pixels

Categories: Thermal Security Monitoring Systems - Maritime Monitoring Thermal Imaging System

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TC900PTZ is designed for maritime surveillance, featuring dual-channel with high IR resolution thermal camera and CCD high-definition visible video camera, and able to adapt to the bad weather at sea.

Main Features

◆ Multple lenses are optonal:30~150mm, or 60mm/150mm
◆ 15W laser illuminator, with detecton range of 2km
◆ Day-night type HD vide CCD or star-level CCD is optonal
◆ High-accuracy MEMS gyro to output stable images in stormy waves
◆ Radar tracking and returning reminding

Item TC900PTZ
Detector Data
Detector type Uncooled FPA
Detector material aSi
IR resolution 640×480
Pixel pitch 17um
Spectral range 8~14um
Detector frequency 50Hz
Video output PAL/NTSC
Sensitivity 60mk
Lens Data
Focal distance FOV Human(1.8×0.5m) Ship (4×1.5m)
30~150mm WFOV: 20°×15° NFOV: 4.2°×3° 3.8Km 9.8Km
60/150mm WFOV: 10°×7.5° NFOV: 4.2°×3° 3.8Km 9.8Km
Lens type Motorized
Image Performance
Brightness & Contrast Motor/Auto
Polarity/LUT White hot/Black hot
E-zoom 2X、4X
Correction Auto timing correction
CCD Video Camera
Resolution 1920×1080
CCD type 200M 1/1.8'' CMOS star-level super
low-lux gun type digital camera
Lens 15.6~500mm(32x)
FOV 0.44~23.12°(wide angle-telescoping)
Illuminance Color: 0.002Lux@(F1.2,AGCON)
Black &White: 0.0002Lux@(F1.2,AGCON)
Focus Motorized
Aperture Auto
Fog-through Yes
Laser Illuminator
Power consumption 15W
Wave length 808nm
Laser divergence angle 0.1~23°
Laser distance 2Km
Pan & Tilt
Angle back function PELCO-D
Pan angle 0~360°
Tilt angle -150°~90°
Rotation angle speed of largest boresight  Pan≥60°/s Tilt≥60°/s
Acceleration of largest angle Pan≥100°/s2 Tilt≥100°/s2
Angle position accuracy of boresight Pan<1mrad(1σ) Tilt<1mrad(1σ)
Boresight stabilization accuracy Pan<0.02mrad (1σ) Tilt<0.02mrad(1σ)
System Data
Display device 19-inch, 1280×1024 resolution, interface (Time, Date, GPS, Target location)
Control device Remote joystick control
Video output 1 network RJ45
Image storage H.264 standard compression
Auto tracking Support auto tracking
Communication interface RS422
Environmental Data
Operating temperature range -30℃~60℃
Storage temperature range -40℃~70℃
Encapsulation IP66
Physical Data
Size 574mm×408mm×408mm
Weight 55Kg
Power interface DC 24V±10%
Power consumption ≤300W(w/ heating)


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