Gyro-stabilized EO/IR Systems TCP-20

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TCP-20 is composed of continuous zoom infrared thermal imaging camera, full HD color B&W dual-mode low illumination visible light camera, 360° omni-directional high-precision turntable and fully sealed anti-corrosion shield; Laser, Beidou/GPS and electronic multi-disk module can be selected as required; It has two-axis gyro image stabilization, which is suitable for offshore ships. It can find, locate, track, identify targets in all weather, all time and all dimensions. TCP-20 can also form an auto defense system for UAVs with radar and other device to realize early detection, fast locking, stable tracking, quasi-identification and strong countermeasures for UAVs, and effectively ensure low-altitude safety in key areas day and night and all weather.

Main Features

◆ The thermal image detector is based on the new generation MEMS technology, NETD ≤50mk, the picture quality is more delicate, and it is less affected by fog, rain and snow weather
◆ Two-axis gyro stabilized, accuracy ≤2mrad (RMS)
◆ Integrated with multiple tracking algorithms, it can manually/automatically switch according to different scenes, and supports recapture and lock after short-term loss of the target
◆ The turntable adopts high torque rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive, high-speed start&stop, smooth linkage tracking with radar; High-frequency fine-tuning pulse precision motor drive, digital angle sensor servo
◆ Unique AS + DOE advanced optical continuous zoom design and 3CAM high-precision optical-mechanical design ◆ make zoom smooth and stable, which is conducive to large-scale search and long-distance identification;
◆ SDE image detail enhancement technology, the image is smooth and noise-free, a variety of pseudo-color and hot black, hot white polarity image mode switching, strong adaptability, easy to find low contrast hidden targets

Detector Data
Detector type
VOX Uncooled FPA
IR resolution
Pixel pitch
Spectral range
8 ~14μm
Infrared lens
Lens type
Continuous zoom
Focal distance
Electric zoom manual/automatic focusing, adaptive active focusing algorithm, supporting multiple trigger modes, accurate and high speed
High infrared transmittance, no virtual focus in zoom process, small axis
Infrared imaging performance
Image enhancement
Second generation SDE digital image enhancement algorithm, improving image details,NUC correction: automatic/manual correction, background correction
Image parameters
AGC automatic gain control, brightness, contrast
Electronic zoom
2X, 4X, supports global synchronous display
Polarity/LUT mode
black hot/white hot 16 kinds of pseudo-color images
Thermal imaging spot detection alarm
Alarm threshold
Level 255 can be set
Target Size
The range can be set to automatically identify targets of different sizes
Number of alarm targets
1-16 settable to automatically select the most prominent target display
Alarm mode
Video overlay alarm box + switch value (or data return) multiple alarm modes, the alarm is intuitive and easy to read
Front-end algorithm
Optimized front-end fast processing algorithm, based on the analysis of each frame of the original heat map data, the alarm response is 0.1 s, no delay, no information loss
Remote parameter adjustment
All alarm parameters and indications can be remotely set through the video OSD menu, which has strong universality
CCD Video Camera
1920×1080 200W pixels
CCD type
1/1. 8 “target starlight CMOS, integrated ICR dual filter day & night switching
Lens Data
8 ~ 320mm, HD electric zoom, 40x optical zoom (with a variety of focal lengths available)
With optical infrared correction design, the focus is consistent day and night
Color 0.05 Lux@F1.6
H.265/H.264/MPEG4/MIPEG video format, support multi-stream
Video bit rate
32Kbps~16Mbps, 60Hz30 frames per second
Photoelectric turntable
Angle back function
PELCO-D support
Horizontal rotation angle
N*360° continuous rotation, which can be mechanically locked after power failure to prevent rotation
Pitch rotation angle
-45°~+90° pitch has soft limit function, and the program can be set
Horizontal rotation speed
0.1°~ 60° /s supports lens focal length adaptation
Vertical rotation speed
0.1°~ 60° /s supports lens focal length adaptation
Horizontal 120°/s2, pitch 120°/s2
Laser Illuminator
5W 808nm lase illuminator
Laser ranging (optional)
Ranging range: 50~3000 meters, ranging accuracy ±2 meters, 0.2Hz, 1570nm, RS422 control
Tracking module
Video interface: supports visible light/infrared thermal image video switching tracking
Video system: composite video, PAL, NTSC
Multi-target detection: supports multi-target detection
Tracking algorithm: Integrate multiple tracking algorithms, which can be manually/automatically switched according to different scenes, and support recapture and lock after short-term loss of the target
Gyro image stabilization
Two-axis gyro stabilization, pitch and roll ≤±10 °, when period >6 seconds, stabilization accuracy ≤2 mrad (RMS)
Anti harsh environment
High-strength aluminum alloy, sprayed with three-proof paint, resistant to seawater corrosion, low wind resistance, and resistant to strong wind of 33m/s
Aviation interface
Network interface
1 RJ45 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Port
Power System
Working voltage
Equipped with ultra-wide input power adapter, AC90V ~ 305V to DC24V
Power consumption
The maximum power consumption of the turntable is ≤250W, and the stable power consumption is ≤50W
Environment Parameters
Operating temperature range
-25℃~+60℃ humidity<95%RH
Storage temperature
Lightning surge protection
Power supply 4000V, communication video signal 2000V
Anti-salt fog
When the PH value is 6.5 ~ 7.2, the surface does not change after continuous spraying for 48 hours
Physical data
Infrared thermal camera, user manual, warranty card, packing box
Special software, control terminal


maritime search and rescue
Maritime law enforcement evidence collection
Waters Channel Monitoring, Anti-UAV

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