Infrared Human Body Temperature Measurement Security Door TI160-P8

Item Code: TI160-P8

Categories: Thermal Imaging Camera - Human Body Temperature Measuring Thermal Camera

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TI160-P8 uses non-contact temperature measurement by thermal imaging, and can carry out metal detection for inspectors. It integrates temperature measurement and metal detection to realize the application of long-distance real-time accurate temperature measurement and verification of illegal things. It is widely used in public places such as schools, hospitals, enterprises, supermarkets, stations, etc., providing a strong guarantee for temperature measurement prevention in special periods and meeting daily temperature measurement needs.

Main Features

◆ 160×120 Uncooled thermal imaging
◆ Measurement accuracy ±0.5℃(Without blackbody)
◆ Human body temperature screening: through the safety temperature alarm setting, connect the sound and light alarm of the security door, establish the first line of defense;
◆ High-performance touch-control all-in-one machine, display real-time passing temperature, abnormal alarm temperature, number of passers, number of alarms, etc.;
◆ Metal detection: It can detect metal objects the size of paper clips, and effectively verify the illegal articles;

Item TI160-P8
Thermal imaging resolution 160×120
NETD/Sensitivity ≤60mK
Measurement accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature range 30-45℃
Temperature measurement distance 0.3m-3m
FOV 40°× 30°
Temperature alarm It can display real-time passing temperature, abnormal alarm temperature, passing number of people, number of alarms
Signal frequency 6-9KHz(Adjustable)
Detection sensitivity 0-99 level independent adjustment
Applicable environment Indoor / Windless
Appearance size Approx.2200×750×500mm
Channel size Approx.2000×700×500mm
Overall weight Approx. 60Kg
External power 220V, 50/60Hz
Operating temperature range -10℃-50℃(Accurate temperature measurement 10℃-32℃)
Quality assurance Test Report, CE, RHOS, FCC


Applications:Airport, Subway Station, School, Hospital, Crowded places

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