Thermal Security Camera for Outdoor

Our thermal security camera is one of the most unique thermal security cameras ever made. Combining ATN’s world renowned optics and thermal sensors, with a powerful computer running state of the art analytical software, the thermal security camera is able to identify and track objects and animals regardless of speed, in night or day, light or dark, or even with fog or smoke blocking the view.

With the thermal security camera, there is nowhere to hide! Using it pan and tilt capability, the camera is able to rotate 360 degrees, while being able to shift vertically a full 180 degrees. With built in magnification and autofocus, even running won’t save your target from detection.

Our devices are able to accomplish a wide variety of analytical tasks. Some of these include dropped object detection, loitering detection, speed tracking, creating a “clean zone,” virtual trip wires, object tracking, and many more.

This article comes from atncorp edit released

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