City to expand corona camera surveillance system

To install a system to connect the city’s 444 existing corona cameras and allow police to monitor those.

In addition, an unknown number of new corona cameras will be added and older cameras will be replaced if needed in the first phase of a plan to update and enhance the Corona Police Department’s ability to use corona cameras to fight crime, department spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Velasco said.

The purchase will give officers another tool to do their jobs by giving them “more eyes in the city,” Mayor Karen Spiegel said.

“It’s going to help them do their job better and have more ability to catch the bad guys,” she said.

The city already has corona cameras operating at City Hall, the library and other city facilities, police stations, cell towers, intersections and at least six parks. But those all operate on independent, closed-circuit systems that police can’t monitor.

Corona cameras are expected to be added to more locations, including additional parks, in other phases of the upgrade program, Velasco said.

This article comes from Press Enterprise edit released

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