Key Hole Gas Camera System

The Gas Camera System was designed along with The Gas Technology Institute in Chicago for unique keyhole applications, and has been widely used in the gas utility sector for many years. The unique camera design and semi-flexible push rod allow for saddle joint entry of live gas mains at 90 degree angles.

Conventionally, systems such as flame ionisation detectors or semiconductor sensors are used for detecting leaks on gas transport facilities. These detection systems locally collect and analyse samples of air that may be mixed with methane. The samples have to be taken directly at the surface of a facility in order to localize any leaks. Detection of small leakages with these tools is time-consuming since the surface of the facility has to be carefully scanned. The procedure is further complicated since even light breezes rapidly move and dilute the gas clouds that originate from the leaks. Additionally parts of the facilities may be difficult to access.

The Gas Camera is a remote detection system that provides video images of gas clouds displayed in front of a picture of the target. The system employs an infrared sensitive focal plane array in combination with bandpass filters for detecting gas clouds in air.

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