Discover a whole new world with the Smart UV camera & app

The Smart UV camera lets you discover a whole new world by capturing it in the invisible UV spectrum. With this innovative UV smartphone technology, you can instantly share your discoveries, and use it to test product claims and make better decisions about your, and your family’s, skin. We call this, seeing smart to be smart.

What exactly is the Smart UV camera?

It is a connectable UV camera for smartphones that captures the world in UV light and displays it as a video or picture on your phone screen via the Smart UV camera App. UV light doesn’t have color as it sits outside the visible light spectrum, which explains why the images are in black and white. White shows where UV light is reflected, and black shows where it is absorbed or blocked.

The Smart UV camera is very easy to use. It simply requires you to download the correct app for your smartphone before plugging the device in by using the connector.

Once the campaign closes, backers will be sent an email survey asking them to select your variant and color preferences to work with your phone.

This article comes from kickstarter edit released

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