IP Security Camera

In an increasingly connected world, physical threats continue to be a major concern for governments, industry and consumers alike. The IP security camera segment according to IMS Research is expected to account for over 40% of the world security camera market and double in shipments by 2017.

With new video processing, motor control and voice processing capabilities, modern security systems include security cameras that need to process a large amount of data and transform it into information that can help us identify threats and prevent them from turning into reality. Modern security cameras have IP connectivity, either via wired Ethernet, IEEE 802.11 WiFi or HDBaseT, and many need to be deployed and harsh outdoor scenarios, where energy efficiency is of utmost importance.

We have supplied products for the analog surveillance market since the mid 1970’s, and to the IP surveillance market since its inception. Our comprehensive complete product portfolio for IP security cameras covers both their implementation and their deployment into virtually any field situation.

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