How Thermal Imaging Module Works

A thermal imaging module on a drone turns it into a powerful tool, which can be used in many sectors from construction, mining, electrical, surveillance, firefighting, search and rescue.

Thermal drones which use vision imaging cameras have so many positive uses by detecting heat coming from almost all objects and materials turning them into images and video.

Heat vision cameras or thermal imaging modules are in fact really heat detecting sensors. These thermal cameras are also known by various names including.

Thermal imaging modules make pictures or video from heat, not visible light. Heat (infrared thermal radiation) and light are both parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, a camera, which can detect visible light will not see thermal radiation and vice versa.

thermal imaging modules detect more than just heat. Heat vision cameras detect the tiny differences in heat, even as small as 0.01° Celsius. This information is then displayed as various colors on a display, in thermal software or apps.

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