Clip Thermal Weapon Sight on Scope

The thermal weapon sight clip on thermal rifle scope is a hardcore military weapon sighting system that will perform in the worst of conditions without fail. Designed as a multi-purpose infrared scope the thermal weapon sight works the way your mission profile demands. The thermal weapon sight can be used as a handheld thermal spotting scope, or a stand alone thermal weapon sight or an amazing clip on thermal scope. Built to withstand the rigors of combat the thermal weapon sight is waterproof and shock resistant. Complete kits are available to qualified purchasers with special pricing for law enforcement and military customers. Please contact us for more information.

The thermal weapon sight clip on rifle scope is the most versatile weapon sighting system available. This unique Military device really shines as a clip on weapon sight. Extensive research and precise optical calibration under the most demanding manufacturing processes allows the thermal weapon sight to “clip on” to the ront of your day scope.

That’s right IN FRONT of your optical rifle scope. The precision optical train of the thermal weapon sight maintains your point of impact through your day scope, through the thermal scope and out to your target. This means that you can easily switch between day shooting and night shooting without having to zero your weapon. Traditional thermal scopes are required to be zeroed to the weapon each time you swap with your dayscope or they require you to have two weapons one for day and one for night. With the thermal weapon sight when you need thermal weapon sight capabilities you just “clip it on” and away you go. The thermal weapon sight is an excellent mate to the ACOG 4x style of weapon sight but can be used with virtually any optical scope including red dot and holographic.

The thermal weapon sight operates on common CR123 batteries and has easy to use tactile buttons that can be operated with gloves on. The thermal weapon sight is a true Military Grade thermal imaging system that will satisfy even the most demanding mission applications.

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