Applications of Thermal Security Cameras

Securing a site or city requires the ability to distinguish between friend and foe, and in today’s world, that means 24/7 video surveillance. With our high powered thermal security cameras providing unprecedented situational awareness, security forces can now observe, investigate, and if needed, respond to any situation during the day or at night, even in harsh visibility conditions like rain and fog.

Monitor your property in a whole new light

Thermal security cameras offer a whole new dimension of security monitoring. Thermal security cameras see heat, as opposed to visible light. Most things (especially people) tend to give off enough heat to be detected by thermal security cameras, day or night, and in different types of weather, such as fog. Thermal security cameras make hiding in and around trees or bushes nearly impossible. They will also reduce the number of motion detection false alarms since they only see moving sources of heat, and not objects such as trees blowing in the wind.

Thermal security cameras can be used with both Digital IP and Analog MPX security systems. They come with both PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) and BNC ports, making them the perfect add-on security camera for your security system.

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