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TD100 is the latest Solar-blind UV camera which enables optical detection of UV signal in full daylight. With the high sensitivity to UV in the solar blind range, it is a powerful tool for detecting weak UV signals from long distance.

Main Features

◆ 240nm-280nm,Solar blind
◆ High sensitivity to UV signals
◆ Precise location of corona emitting sources
◆ Auto focus of UV and visible channels
◆ Light weight 1.5kg, low power consumption
◆ UV events counter
◆ UVSee report software for documentation

UV - Optical properties

UV sensitivity 2.2x10-18 watt/cm²
Minimum discharge detection 1 pC @ 10m
Minimum RIV sensitivity 3.6 dBμV @ 1MHz
Spectral range 240-280nm
FOV 7.2° x 5.4°
Focus Auto/Manual
Resolution 640 x 480
Zoom 2x, 4x(optional)
Focus range 1.5m~∞
Detector life span No degradation

Visible - Optical properties

Minimum visible light sensitivity 0.1 Lux
Color Swtich between color and BW
Focus Auto/Manual
Resolution 640 x 480
Focus range 1m~∞
Zoom 12x(Digital)、10x(Optical)

Image Performance

Image display Sun proof color LCD 5”, 800×480
Image modes Visible/UV/Combine
UV/Visible overlay accuracy <1 milliradian
Status indicators Battery, Memory, Gain,Counting, Date, Selected functions, Focus,Inspection mode, corona color, GPS (access.), Temp &Humidity(access.)
User configuration settings Corona color (White, Red , Green, Yellow, Purple) Time, Sleep Mode, LI, LCD Parameters

Image Storage

Image format JPG
Video format AVI
Media download Via Card Reader, WIFI, USB, WIFI SD Card
Audio Stored with image
Playback Video/Pictures/Audio
SD card Removable SD card 32GB
Software upgrade Via files downloaded from website to SD Card
Storage capacity 1000+ images or >1 hr video/1GB

Control & Operation

Working modes Real time, standby, off
Control inputs Keypad and hot keys

Output Interface

Video output CVBS/HDMI(optional), PAL
Micro USB Data transfer, communication
Tripod 1/4”-20

Power System

External power DC: 9V~12V
Battery type Rechargeable Li-Ion
Operation runtime 4hours
Power consumption 9W
Mains adaptor AC:110V~240V or DC: 50Hz~60Hz/9V 3.8A

Environmental Data

Operation temp range -15 ℃~+50℃, 55℃ optional
Storage temp range -25 ℃~+60℃
Humidity 90% (non-condense)
Encapsulation IP54
EMC CE, IEC1010-1

Physical Characteristics

Size 290mm×136mm×86mm
Weight 1.38kg


Standard Corona camera UVSee TD100, 2 batteries, battery charger, adapter, SD card, SD card reader, CD-ROM ( UVSee software and manual), video cable, warranty card, transport case
Option Tripod


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